About MSIA and MSIA Canada

MSIA supports people into a deeper awareness of who we are as spiritual beings and a tangible experience of our relationship with God. There are many ways to accomplish this, and in MSIA we respect any approach that encourages people on their path home to God. We don't claim to have the only way, but we do have a way that is assisting thousands of people to do this while experiencing greater health, wealth, happiness, abundance, and joy.

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MSIA History


John-Roger was the founder and Spiritual Advisor of MSIA, and he was the Mystical Traveler from December 1963 through 1988 and passed into Spirit October 22, 2014. There has always been a person who has held or 'anchored' the Traveler Consciousness on the planet at a particular time, and in 1963 John-Roger received this spiritual mantle. Since that time, he has traveled all over the world, lecturing, teaching, and assisting people who want to create a life of greater health, happiness, peace, and prosperity and a greater awakening to the divine Spirit within them. His humor, loving, and practical wisdom have benefited thousands and lightened many a heart.

John Morton

In 1988, the mantle of Mystical Traveler passed to John Morton, who is the Spiritual Director of MSIA. John studied with John-Roger starting in 1975 and worked with John-Roger from 1978 until John-Roger's passing in 2014. Upon John-Roger's passing John Morton carries the mantle of Mystical Traveler alone as anchor for the Mystical Traveler Consciousness on the planet to awaken the Mystical Traveler Consciousness in each of those choosing to do so. John's life is dedicated to peace and to assisting people in discovering God within themselves and in everything. The Mystical Traveler Consciousness is a wayshower into the higher, spiritual levels. Its work is to awaken, within those who choose, each person's awareness of Spirit and their own divine nature. In MSIA, we call this Soul Transcendence, and John Morton has dedicated his life to this spiritual work, as did John-Roger.

Like most new religious movements, MSIA has a relatively short history. However, the concepts and teachings of MSIA are very ancient. Exploring the MSIA web site will give you a good idea of what MSIA is and the many things it has to offer you.

About MSIA Canada

Recognized as a church under Canadian law, MSIA Canada has formal membership and regulations but participation is open to all and the real "movement of spiritual inner awareness" takes place within each person, and the organization exists only to support people in expanding their awareness of the Soul and God. MSIA is nondenominational, and study in MSIA is often compatible with other religious faiths. Students in MSIA read the MSIA Soul Awareness Discourses as their basic study. Those who are interested in furthering their spiritual awareness can apply for initiation after at least two years of study. For those who know that service is important in their lives, there is an MSIA Ministry.

Annual Reports from MSIA Canada

The Annual Reports of MSIA Canada are public documents available on request from the National Office.

Send your request either:
1. by e-mail to;
2. by mail to MSIA Canada

     National Office
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