By-Law 6:

The Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness MSIA Canada Inc. (MSIA Canada) has adopted this Privacy Policy as we recognize the right of people to keep their personal information private. Safeguarding your confidentiality and protecting your personal information is fundamental to MSIA Canada. This Privacy Policy describes our current information management practices and confirms our commitment to comply with the Canadian Federal Government’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), and any applicable provincial legislation, in order to meet your specific needs and expectations.


MSIA Canada will collect general information about you, such as your name, address, telephone number(s) and email address, so that MSIA Canada can contact you. We may also collect this and other types of personal information during the course of dealing with you, for example, when you wish to register for courses or obtain services from MSIA Canada; when you register for conferences or events; and when you participate in activities or complete other forms. The information collected may include some sensitive information, such as health information or information about your affiliation with MSIA in the United States, education, or status, relevant to the services or assistance you have requested from MSIA Canada.

When working with other organizations or individuals, we will not knowingly pass your details to a third party without your consent. All third party service providers are required only to use the information supplied to them for the purpose for which it was supplied and to ensure the security and confidentiality of that information.

MSIA Canada will not collect any personal information about visitors to the website except when you knowingly provide it.

MSIA Canada endeavours to make all reasonable efforts to keep your information accurate and up-to-date, however the responsibility for notifying MSIA Canada of changes in information rests with you.


MSIA Canada will use the personal information we collect for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection, or otherwise as set out in this Privacy Policy. We will not use your personal information for any other purpose without first seeking your consent, unless authorized or required by law.

Generally we will only use and disclose your personal information as follows:

(a) to establish and maintain your involvement with MSIA Canada, including providing you with the annual report, tax receipts, and other communications such as newsletters;

(b) to provide the products or services you have requested from MSIA Canada;

(c) to answer your inquiry;

(d) to register you for courses, services, and events;

(e) to assist us to make MSIA Canada’s sites, services and products more valuable to our community.

MSIA Canada will only keep this information for as long as the purpose requires or is required by law or legislation.


Disclosure of your personal information is limited to those MSIA Canada people who have legitimate reasons for dealing with it within their responsibilities. Appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards are in place to protect the security and confidentiality of the personal information gathered.

It’s your information

You have a right to access your personal information and to challenge its accuracy and completeness. You also have a right to have it amended as appropriate except in specific circumstances. Where we cannot accommodate your request we will, where not prohibited by law, provide you with the reason.

If you would like to access your information or have any questions or inquiries with respect to this Privacy Policy or about the way we manage your personal information please contact our Privacy Officer in writing.

In most cases you have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent for us to use your personal information. Contact our Privacy Officer and we will be pleased to explain your options and any consequences of refusing or withdrawing your consent.

Privacy Officer

MSIA Canada’s Privacy Officer is:

Rev. Suzan Schmekel, 103 Westpark Drive, Ottawa, ON K1B 3G4,, (613) 424-2876

Alternate Privacy Officer is:

Rev. Georgina Bruinsma Cajic, 202 St. Marks Road, Toronto, ON M6S 2H9,, (416) 767-1958

As approved at the Annual General Meeting of June 17, 2006 as Regulation 6; designated By-Law 6 by resolution approved at the Annual General Meeting of July 5, 2014 under the NFP Act to take effect on the issue of the Certificate of Continuance-Prorogation, July 15, 2014. Amended solely for the appointment by the Board of Directors of new Privacy and Alternate Privacy Officers, February 4, 2017.

Rev. Philémon Paquette,

President and Chair of the Board of Directors

MSIA Canada

February 4, 2017


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