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Peace Theological Seminar and College of Philosophy (PTS)

Peace Theological Seminar and College of Philosophy offers trainings in classrooms, in retreats, in facilitators homes, on-line, and by correspondence.

Its courses can be as short as three hours, and as long as two full academic years, and include the Peace Awareness Trainings, Awakening to Spirit, Detachment/Freedom, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Introduction to the Master of Theology Program, Living in Light, Opening to Grace, Living in Grace, The Spiritual Principles of Abundance and Prosperity, The Spiritual Warrior Series, The Tao of the Travelers, What is Loving?, What is MSIA?, Spiritual Exercises Workshops and Retreats, the History of the Holy Land, The Promise Fulfilled, Revelation: The Story of John the Beloved, Experiencing Your Discourses, Travelers Through the Ages, Integrating the Physical with the Spiritual, Integrating the Three Selves, Levels of Consciousness: Vehicles of the Soul, Manifesting the Christed Consciousness, the Traveler in Your Dreams, and many others.

For more information about PTS in Los Angeles and worldwide go to

For more information about PTS in Canada contact your local PTS Representative or PTS Faciltator


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