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2. Statement of Activities of MSIA Canada

Note: The following is the statement of activities submitted to the in July 2014 as stated section 7 Restrictions on the activities that the corporation may carry on, if any of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) Form 4031 Articles of Continuance (transition) used for a continuance from the Canada Corporations Act, Part II.

Statement of Activities

In order to achieve the objectives of MSIA Canada as stipulated in the statement of purpose of the corporation, as a charitable organization on religious grounds, the Church as a whole, or its members or communicants individually on behalf of the Church, shall restrict their activities to those listed below.

  1. MSIA Canada shall promote the doctrine of the world-wide Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness to entrench the religious beliefs and rituals of the Mother Church in Canada through the establishment of communities of the Church led by ordained Ministers of MSIA throughout the country;
  2. MSIA Canada shall further promote the doctrine of the universal Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness on the worship of the Supreme Being by the dissemination of publications approved by the Church;
  3. Ordained ministers of MSIA Canada, as authorized by the appropriate provincial laws, shall perform weddings, baptisms, funerals and other services as requested by their communicants and as ordained by the Supreme Being;
  4. Ordained ministers of MSIA Canada shall provide spiritual counsel to all who seek said counselling, shall conduct workshops and retreats on the worship of the Supreme Being;
  5. Communicants of the Church approved by the Board of MSIA Canada shall conduct services on the worship of the Supreme Being for all interested persons based on the teachings of the universal Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness;
  6. Communicants of MSIA Canada will carry out local service projects in Canada as agreed to by a majority of the local community (such as organizing picnics for needy children, organizing visits to old age homes, or organizing the preparation and donation of food baskets at Christmas);
  7. Communicants of MSIA Canada will also carry out international service projects as agreed to by the Board (such as, providing medical supplies to African hospitals, assisting in the establishment and funding the provision of medical supplies and services to clinics in the Dominican Republic, providing medical and other supplies and services to organizations in Cuba, providing clothing and books to Nigeria, contributing to Canadian charities e.g. the Canadian Red Cross for international relief projects).
  8. MSIA Canada will accept donations to support the conduct of the above activities and services.
  9. The above constitutes a full and complete statement of the current and intended activities of MSIA Canada.


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