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1. Statement of Purpose of the Corporation

As stated in the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) Form 4031 Articles of Continuance (transition) used for a continuance from the Canada Corporations Act, Part II.

The purpose of the Corporation is:
  1. To freely exercise and practice religion and freedom of conscience, and all activities related thereto, according to the tenets of THE CHURCH OF THE MOVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL INNER AWARENESS - L'Église du mouvement de l'éveil spirituel intérieur du Canada (the Church), without limitation, as believers in and worshipers of a Supreme Being and according to the inalienable rights granted from this Supreme Being to each man and woman, including related missionary, educational, charitable and recreational activities.
  2. To establish, operate, manage, and oversee outreach programs of the Church throughout Canada, including communities of the Church under its auspices for the following functions and purposes:
    1. The communities of the Church founded in each Canadian municipality are to be considered as extensions of the Mother Church in its dissemination of the teachings of spiritual leaders of all ages regarding the movement of the spiritual inner awareness within each man and woman. Jesus Christ stands as the direct head of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness and it is He who delineates the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. These Communities are the physical focus, the centres, of the study, exercise, and dissemination of the teachings of spirit which Jesus Christ taught to his disciples and which are known to the spiritual heart within each man and woman. These centres are the meeting places of the followers of Christ and as Jesus Christ stated "For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."(Matthew 18:20) and in His presence we are awakened.
    2. The communities in municipalities will serve as a focus for the outreach of the Church on the specific needs of the local populace. The communities of the Church will sponsor and wholeheartedly support all of the meetings, services, conferences, seminars, tours, programs, and fund-raising activities necessary to support the spiritual needs of the local populace.
    3. The Communities of the Church are the places prepared through prayer and through commitment to spiritual purpose for the members of the Church and those wishing to awaken to the teachings of the Christ so that they can be at home with brothers and sisters in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, where they may welcome friends and families to participate in church-related activities and share the Light of the Holy Spirit.
    4. The communities of the Church are to provide regular (usually weekly) public worship services known as MSIA Seminars.
    5. The communities of the Church are to sponsor retreats, meetings, services, lectures, discussions, informal gatherings, and social functions, for the purpose of helping to uplift the spiritual consciousness of all souls, and thereby disseminating and promoting the teachings of spirit through publications approved by the Board of Directors of MSIA Canada.
    6. The communities of the Church are to promote the organization and active participation of local communicants of MSIA Canada into assisting their brothers and sisters in their immediate populace and throughout the world through the conduct of service projects.


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